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Apartment Investment Proposal and Management

Hakuba, Happo 2022
Apartment Investment Proposal and Management

25 Years of Expertise and Trust in Hakuba

Since 1999, we have been engaged in rental brokerage and management in Hakuba Village, maintaining consistently high occupancy rates over the years. Our extensive experience and expertise in managing properties in challenging snowy conditions set us apart. We are dedicated to ensuring proper management of entrusted real estate, striving for the increased revenue of property owners. As Hakuba Village continues to evolve, we are committed to providing even better, locally-rooted proposals for the benefit of the community.

Optimizing Land Utilization and Future Planning

We also suggest leasing as a method of land utilization. We are open to discussing future inheritance plans and other matters in advance. Leveraging our extensive experience and the local real estate network, we will propose the optimal utilization for our customers.

Land-set Proposal: Strategic Investment Methods

Sakura Real Estate has adeptly understood the needs of rental property occupants in this region through years of property management. Delving into specifics, we have a keen understanding of the local lifestyle and values, including the most in-demand sizes, layouts, rents, and usability.
Moreover, as a local real estate company, we can offer proposals in prime locations unique to the region. Leveraging our extensive experience in property management in this area over the years, we have the capability to construct buildings tailored to the local community. Beyond the investment phase, we provide one-stop assistance in tenant attraction, contracts, rent collection, and management reporting, aiding our clients in asset formation.