Premium Residential Development for Villas

Hakuba, Wadano and others 2018~
Premium Residential Development for Villas

Premium Villa Development

We developed an attractive residential area in the Wadanono area near Happo-One Ski Resort in Hakuba Village. With seven plots, we offer comprehensive services for land transactions, construction, asset utilization, management, and accommodation bookings. Our smooth processes and English support cater to both domestic and international investors, providing comprehensive support for premium real estate investments in this picturesque location.

Diverse Development Projects in Hakuba

Our company actively undertakes diverse projects across various areas within Hakuba Village. From ski-in, ski-out land transactions to developing nine plots in a conveniently located area with rich dining options, each project is meticulously planned to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

In recent years, we’ve proactively engaged in developing residential areas with stunning views of the Northern Alps and actively participated in land transactions.

Tailoring Real Estate Investments to Your Needs

We also provide arrangements such as converting agricultural land, securing development permits, and offer consulting services for housing loans and fund procurement.

We are dedicated to proposing real estate investments tailored to the individual needs of each customer. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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