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Why not join us in a work and private life immersed in the natural surroundings of the Northern Alps?


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Our Vision: Rooted in the community, we create the future.

Sakura Real Estate is an established real estate company operating three branches in the northern area of Nagano Prefecture. We strive to create a prosperous future together with the local community and continue to share the charm of Nagano Prefecture with everyone in the region.


Proficient in the community's current trends

Through the real estate business, all staff actively participate in community activities alongside local authorities and businesses, deeply understanding and contemplating the future of the community.


Continued Challenges and Pioneering Initiatives

Since 1986, Sakura Real Estate has embraced challenges that showcase the charm of local communities. In Hakuba, our home base, we continue to pioneer new initiatives like being the first to build and sell condos in Nagano prefecture. With over 200 annual transactions, we cover diverse real estate services, meeting various needs from development and sales to brokerage, rentals, and management.

What we look for in an applicant

  • Persons who have a spirit of challenge.
  • Persons who want to enrich both their personal and professional lives.
  • Person who can act proactively
  • Experienced in negotiating with customers (we have a full training program).
  • We welcome applicants with no experience in the real estate business.

Application Requirements

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